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4030 N 128St  Brookfield WI 53005
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Welcome To
New Salon of Brookfield
Tanning & More

128St just North of Capitol Drive
Same building as Melchert EYE Care and Marasco's Craft King
Next to Crest Cadillac

New Salon of Brookfield Tanning


Please check out this article click on this site.

(Experts send Vitamin D and Covid-19 open letter to world's governments)

We at New Salon of Brookfield Tanning Have
Added another stand up booth.

We now  have

Three Stand up UV tanning booths
Nine UV lay down beds
One Mystic UV free spray booth
One FAR infrared Sauna
One SudaTonic infrared System

Stop at New salon of brookfield tanning and Get your Vitamin D

Stop On In

We hope to see you soon and please be safe.


Monday 9:00 to 7:00
Tuesday 9:00 to 7:00
Wednesday 9:00 to 7:00
Thursday 9:00 to 7:00
Friday 9:00 to 7:00
Saturday 9:00 to 3:00
Sunday Closed on Sunday's
Closed January 1st
Closed Memorial Day
Closed July 4
Closed Labor Day
Closed Thanksgiving Day
Closed Christmas Day

 Click for Map to Salon

We Have The Best Prices and the Best
UV Tanning and Best UV Free Spray Tanning

Top Quality Lotions
Locally owned and operated
We are dedicated to serving YOU!

I guaranty you will get the Nicest Service and Color If you Tan with us
You deserve The Best



 Super Sale on Lotions


Gift Certificates are Available


Going on now
We have done it again
Limited Time
$12.00 Mondays Mystic Spray Tan

Yes $12.00 Spray tan Monday.
Spray Tan for Only $12.00
Mystic tan spray booth on Mondays
$12.00 Full Body Spray Tan

Includes your choice of Solution
Luminous Light, Magical Medium,
New Organic Pure Medium or Dazzling Dark.

  Get Your Tan On

Stop on in and bring a friend!


UV-Free Sunless Spray Tan

Spray Tanning

Come on in Today and try out our
Mystic Tan Spray Booth
A perfect Tan that can lasts
for up to 7 days.


Introductory  Mystic Spray Tan
TWO for $24.00
That's  $12.00 A Tan
Can be used any day

You Can Customize your Spray tan with our Mystic Tan Booth
Your choice of one Mystic Tan Solution is Free with each session
Mystic Tan Solution Luminous Light Cartridge 4oz
New Mystic Tan Solution Medium Organic Cartridge 4oz
Mystic Tan Solution Medium Cartridge 4oz
Mystic Tan Solution Dark Cartridge 4oz

Add Ins
Choice if you want to use a accelerator $6.00 + session
Choice of Bronzer's
Sun-Kyssed Single Bronzer $3.00 + session
Sun-Kyssed Triple Bronzer $5.00 + session
Mocha-Kyssed Single Bronzer $3.00 + session
Mocha-Kyssed Triple Bronzer $5.00 + session
Honey-Kyssed Single Bronzer $3.00 + session
Honey-Kyssed Triple Bronzer $5.00 + session
Choice of Scent
Coconut Lime Scent Myxer $2.00 + session
Fresh Scent Myxer $2.00 + session
Sport Scent Myxer $2.00 + session
Warm Vanilla Scent Myxer $2.00 + session

Disposable Sandals are also available here


We also have in stock  Mystic Tan Take home products
All Mystic Tan Take home products on SALE

Mystic Tan  Island Kyssed Bronzer Lotion 6.0 oz
Mystic Tan Island Kyssed Bronzer Spray 6.0 oz
Mystic Tan Mocha Kyssed Bronzer Lotion 6.0 oz
Mystic Tan Mocha Kyssed Bronzer Spray 6.0 oz
Mystic Tan BOOSTER counters orange undertone & accelerates tanning results

UV Free Versa Spa Pro is On Hold



Try out Our
FAR Infrared SAUNA

click to find out more
Please Call to Reserve Sauna
all though Walk-ins are welcome.

Introductory Offer
2 - 60 minute FAR Sauna sessions for $25.00 




For a Awesome
Tanning experience
Come try The High Pressure


Wowsers what A tanning Bed!!
High Pressure Velocity
High Pressure Booth

Special 10 for $200.00
Save $90.00
Regular  price $29.00 Ea
Can be shared


Stop Paying to Much for your Lotion
Over 100 Different Fresh lotions in stock right now

Nobody does it Better than New Salon of Brookfield Tanning


We are Your Tanning Salon
With the very best In Tanning
 Beds, Stand up Booths, Spray Tan Booth, Lotions
FAR Infrared Sauna


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Still going STRONG
The Best Deal Ever
Early bird Special!
Tan before 12:00 and SAVE
1 month unlimited Tanning
can NOT be shared and don't be late or Co-pays will take effect

Royal 8000   $39.00
Stand up Bronzer Booth  , Royal 8000  $59.00
Sun Terrace "High & Low Pressure", Mega Bronzer "Big Red", Stand up Bronzer Booth, Royal 8000 $69.00
Sun Terrace "High & Low Pressure", Mega Bronzer, Stand up Bronzer Booth, Royal 8000 + 2 High Pressure Ultra Bronzer or Velocity $79.00

Upgrades are always a option

Add one month unlimited Mystic Tan Spray booth to any of the Early bird Special's +$5.00 Co pay $10.00


No Contracts, No Automatic Withdrawals

We do not Keep your Credit Card info on file
No Coupon's Needed, No Bull

Just Come on in,

We don't rush you!
You have plenty of time
to put your lotion on.

We have the very best in tanning and health.

Come On In And
Start your tanning today
No appointment needed for the Tanning Beds or Booths

Specials on now
Limited Time It wont last long
Remember to get the special
tell us you saw it on the internet

Save and get the Student 10 Session Tan In The Royal 8,000
Students 10 pack $40.00 that's only $4.00 a tan
Cash price please on $10.00 purchases or less


Ultimate Bronzing
Come and try out our Sun Terrace Bed
High Pressure Lamps on top
Low Pressure Lamps on the Bottom
10 session for  $110.00 Normally $18.00 a session
That's only $11.00 a session.


Unlimited Booth or Bed
 Level 4  10,000 Watt Stand up Bronzer Booth
& or Lay Down Royal 8,000 Watt Level 3 Bed
One month Unlimited for only $79.00
Save more get a three month Unlimited for $200.00
You Get Both so you can switch them up.


This Special Is Back

Tell Us You Saw the Internet Special and Save!
Get Unlimited Tanning in The Royal 8,000 bed's
With Upgrades
Its a Faster Tanning Bed With High Presser facial lamps

Two Week Unlimited Tanning $30.00
One Month Unlimited Tanning $59.00
Three Months Unlimited Tanning $159.00
Six Months Unlimited Tanning $300.00




 The Only Limit is how many Packages I have to sell
 For this price
Get your Package today
Going quick



Mega Bronzer Level 4
48 inch wide X 89 inch long
Do you want A Bigger more roomier BED
We Have it
BIG RED The Mega Bronzer
Stretch out and Tan in comfort.
One Month Unlimited $145.00

Numbered Memberships available
4 -
Numbered Ultra Bronze High Pressure Bed,
High Pressure Velocity or
 High Pressure Booth
 with  unlimited Royal $1.00 co-pay sessions
Only $69.00 per month over $250.00 in value
That's Only $17.25 A Tan
in A High Presser Bed or Booth
and Only $1.00 A Tan in Royal 8000 Bed
Limited Quantity on this package Available!!
3 month minimum enrollment


Clean Comfortable Relaxing  and  Safe.

(Air Conditioning pumped into all rooms in the summer)

(Heat pumped into all the rooms in the Winter)


Plenty of Parking Close to the Door


Red Light Bed!!         Build your Collagen!!        Red Light Therapy!!  including LED Facial lamps

36-8 foot Full Body 633 nm RED LIGHT Lamps
TEN -15 min full body Red Light sessions for
Including state of the art
20 min LED Facial lamps
RED light 640nm,
GREEN light 532mm
BLUE light 423nm, YELLOW Light 583nm

Red Light Therapy benefits
Please look up the benefits of LIGHT


Our Packages can't be beat

 Click here to see
Our Rooms and Our beds


Get a points package and save, save, save.

Save more than 50%

The More you Buy the More you Save.

Single Sessions, Multiple Sessions, Unlimited Monthly Sessions,


Monthly Memberships, No Contract


Numbered Memberships, No Contract


We Have Morning Memberships Available, No Contract


Three different Samplers that can be shared
You can sample all of our different beds and booths,

Silver $55.00 ($71.00 value)

 Gold $75.00 ($88.00 value)

 Platinum $99.00 ($139.00 value)


Do you want to tan for your vacation?
No Worries I have a Special for you too

Vacation Specials !!!!!!


Stop in to see our other Specials and packages
 Choose the one that best fits you


The Early Bird Gets the deal

We even have Morning Specials .
Come Tan before 12:00 and save more.
Only $79.00    Its over $500.00 in value!
Mornings One Month Unlimited tanning sessions in
Royal, Mega booth, Mega Bronzer, Sun Terrace
Your pick and it also
Includes 2 numbered Ultra Bronze sessions
In any of our High Pressure Ultra Bed, Booth or the Velocity


We give you the best Value for your $$$$

All our tanning beds are easy to get into and very comfortable,
They have a flat in the middle so you can spread your
 Arms and legs out to get those hard to tan areas with comfort.

If you don't want to Lay down you can always use one of our Booths.

To Ensure you get the best tan possible
Lamps and Acrylics are changed before Manufacturers maintenance Schedule.


Come on over and see our beds and booths for yourselves.


All our Tanning Beds and Booths are Commercial Tanning Beds and Booths
Designed for giving you the best Tanning experience and
best tan for your money and time.
All Our Tanning Beds and Booths Have Facial Lamps
most can be turned off if you like.

Click Here to see our Beds and Booths

We at New Salon of Brookfield Tanning Have
Added another stand up booth.
Now we have
Three Stand up UV tanning booths
Nine UV lay down beds
One Mystic UV free spray booth
One FAR infrared Sauna
One SudaTonic infrared System


2-Ultra Bronzer Supernova: High-Pressure Soft Mattress Beds: With 21-1,000  Watt High Pressure lamps
21,000 Watt Bed


1-Ultra High-Pressure Bronzer Booth: With 36-1,000 Watt High Pressure Lamps
36,000 Watt Booth


1- VELOCITY High Pressure Bed: With 14-1,000 watt Ultra High Pressure Body Lamps
and 4-1,000 Watt Ultra High Pressure Facial Lamps


1-Sun Terrace II: 15-High-Pressure Lamps on top and 20-Signature series plus on the bottom
21,000 Watt Bed 
(Its the best of both type beds)


1-Mega Bronzer Stand UP Booth With 60-Full Size Body Lamps and 27-Facial Lamps
10,000 Watt  Stand Up Booth


1- Bronzing Stand UP Booth 46- Full Body 160 watt Absolute Sun Lamps
7,360 Watt Stand Up Both


1-Mega Bronzer Turbo Bed: 52-180 watt Bronzing Lamps and 500 Watt High pressure Facial Lamps
14,000 Watt Bed


4-Royal Sun Turbo 8000 Beds: 36-180w-200w Bronzing Lamps /3-High pressure 500 watt Facial Lamps
8,000 Watt Bed


1 -Red Light Therapy bed 36-Red 8 foot full Body
Red Light Therapy Lamps
With NEW Red LED Facial lamps
LED Light Photo dynamics Facial Skin Rejuvenation

1-FAR Infrared private sauna booth


Come on in and Try It Out



We Have In Stock
 Lotions, Lotions, and more Lotions


We have the best price's and best selection of Lotions around.
Come in and see for yourself

We are restocked
Over 150 Different lotions in stock

Now Over 80 Different Sample packets in stock

If we don't have it  Special orders are always welcome

In Salon  Sale  on Lotions

No need to order on line
our prices are that good!
We Also Guarantee fresh lotion 


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Stop In And Save
If you have a tanning package some place else

no problem.

Come on in and check us out
you will like our selection and prices!

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We have EXFOLIATE Scrub and We have  Facial Tanning Lotions
WE stock RED Light Lotions, Spray,
And Much Much More

If I don't have the lotion you want in stock
 I WILL TRY my best to get it for YOU just ASK!


We Have the sought after SudaTonic Infrared System
Body Wrap
It's a personalized sauna

Burn up to 1400 calories per session

Reduce fat & cellulite

Detoxify skin & body

Improve skin tone

Increase metabolism & energy

Improve auto immune system

Improve circulation & cardiovascular

Reduce stress & fatigue

Reduce aches & pains

One for $45.00

Two for $79.00

Ten for $325.00

Call and schedule your
SudaTonic Infrared System appointment

We accept

Thank You For Looking
and a
We Love YOU

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New Salon of Brookfield
4030 N 128 St   Brookfield WI 53005

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