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The best price and service around

Call ahead so we can warm it up for you.
Although walk-ins are always welcome.

Try It out Its awesome

FAR infrared SAUNA



1 60 minute session  $25.00
3 60 minute sessions  $65.00
5 60 minute sessions  $105.00
10 60 minute sessions $190.00


How long to sit in FAR infrared sauna?

The room is available for 60 minutes.
Most feel that being in the FAR infrared sauna for longer
than 40 minutes isn't necessary.
Usually in 40 minutes you'll sweat more than you've ever sweat before!

Recommend Starting with 20 min session
and building your tolerance up to Max of 60 minutes
You want to get a good sweat going



The benefits don't stop.
With FAR infrared sauna technology

FAR Infrared Saunas provide a natural healing environment.
With the world the way it is today we have stress coming at us left and right daily<
and don't even get me started on how hard it is to keep a healthy diet. But if you want
to get yourself back in a healthier balance, the FAR Infrared Sauna might just be
what you need to help achieve those goals. Unlike traditional saunas which
operate at high, harsh temperatures, the FAR Infrared offers a gentle, therapeutic
heat. The FAR Infrared Sauna  offers multiple benefits including Detoxification,
Relaxation, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Lowering of Blood Pressure, Improved
Circulation, Anti-Aging, Skin Purification, increase your circulation and Wound Healing.


Sweating is one of the body's most natural ways to
eliminate toxins, making it a crucial part of detoxification


User should ensure that he/she is adequately hydrated prior to and while using the
sauna unit.
Please Drink plenty of Water before and during.
They recommend 1qt per 50lbs of body weight DAILY.
 Do not drink anything alcoholic or carbonated (soda, sparkling water etc.) before your session.
 Tea or coffee allowed only if it is decaffeinated.
During the session place towels on floor and bench seats. This is to absorb
perspiration and maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the unit.
Limit the use of lotions and oils prior to using the sauna as these
products block pores and limit perspiration.
Do not touch the heating elements
If at any time you do not feel comfortable get out of Sauna
After your session please leave door open to allow fresh air in sauna
unit to cool down.

Do not use Sauna if you have any of the following
Open Wounds
Eye diseases
Severe sunburn
Under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Dehydrated serious illness of any type (including but not limited to Adrenal Suppression,
Systemic lupus Erythematosus Hemophiliac or Multiple Sclerosis)


New Salon of Brookfield
4030 N 128 St   Brookfield WI 53005

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