New Salon of Brookfield Tanning
4030 N 128St  Brookfield WI 53005
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*****  Very reasonable prices and professional owner
*****  Started here a fue months ago. Owner and his daughter are very knowledgeable of the tanning business (beds, high pressure beds, lotions, spray tans, red light therapy,). Received excellent customer service, prices and also I get an awesome tan. It looks natural (not orange or over bronzed). I have tanning experience and felt very welcomed and was shown all the beds. explained packages and plenty of packages to fit my weird work schedule. I am so great that I moved to a different salon and understand I get what I pay for. Here... I receive everything that I have been looking for, plus I get more compliments on my skin tone. I recommend this place and will not go anywhere else. One more thing.  I got sick and spent at least a month or more in the hospital. I was worried of losing my package, that I just bought. I explained to the owner what was going on and he put it on hold for me. Then to top it off. He even called to check on me and see hoe I was doing and was okay. That goes a long way in my book! This place deserves 5 stars!! Thank you!!
*****  Great owners. Very nice and friendly people
***** The place is awesome
***** Love it here. Best tanning experience I've ever had. Management has updated all the beds and his knowledge and customer service is great.
***** Was in the neighborhood and needed to pass some time. Only been tanning less then 10x in my life. I called 2 salons and this the only place that answered. The worker/owner is very educated on Tanning and very very helpful.If you like good customer service and to feel comfortable in your environment and a clean place with good beds this is the place to go!! Thanks for being a good business!!
***** I've been going here for over 15 years. I've tried a fue other places, but never liked them as much as the Salon of Brookfield. Not to mention the prices are better here. The new management is great. Very helpful and genuinely nice.
***** This place is awesome. Scott even opened up 20 mins early for me today
***** This place is wonderful, beds are clean bulbs are up to date. New ownership is friendly and nice.
***** Great experience. Clean and reasonably priced. Scott was very knowledgeable.
***** Great place to tan, the ne owner is terrific and very helpful, the place is clean and the beds are great and you get time to put your lotion on without being rushed, customer service is great. I love tanning here.
***** Scott (the new owner) was awesome and very helpful my friend Sarah came with me for her first time tanning and he helped us with a package deal and trying out lotion. Definitely the best tanning experience I had!

The best price and service around

***** I tried out several tanning salons in this area (places that are easy for me to go during my lunch break). When considering price, quality, and service, Salon Brookfield was the best and it was where I ended up buying a package.


***** The Hamptons has tanning, which is cheap, and the people are really nice, but they really only have a few beds, as they are mainly a hair salon. The beds aren't great and they don't have any upper level beds.


***** Tanfastic on Capitol has really powerful beds, but they are super expensive. Cost adds up quickly when you want to build or maintain (vs going every now and then. Actually, that's expensive too).


***** Great service. I was driving by and stopped in. First glace out side it looked kinda small. But when I walked in the door I saw at least 150 different lotions and what good prices. I was greeted at the counter and right away I liked the place. I was told about their offer on the web sight bie a sample lotion and get a free tan. Ok i got a lotion for $4.50 and a 12 min tan in one of the royal beds it was the lowest bed that thay have it was fantastic better than the other salons best bed. I was sold especially after my tan I was showing the other beds and booths the salon has I think it was 14 rooms including a spray tan room. No one tried to pressure sell me. New salon brookfield is my new tanning salon. The service was great and the prices are right. 

***** New Salon Brookfield has a great variety of beds, good customer service, good prices, and usually a wide variety of packages. They also offer other services like nails and I think red light therapy. I have never done red light therapy. I got my nails done once and I was satisfied. I'll go back next time I need them done.



***** The best Spray tan I have ever gotten service was wonderful the person that helped me spent the time with me to make sure I knew exactly what to do. spray room was heated and well lit with reminder instructions on the wall. Price was one third the price of other salons. I highly recommend New salon of brookfield they are the BEST!!!!!      


New Salon of Brookfield
4030 N 128 St   Brookfield WI 53005

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