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We are Your Tanning Salon
With the very best In Tanning
 Beds and Booths, Lotions

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Monday 9:00 to 7:00
Tuesday 9:00 to 7:00
Wednesday 9:00 to 7:00
Thursday 9:00 to 7:00
Friday 9:00 to 7:00
Winter & Spring
November 1 ----- May 31
9:00 to 5:00
Saturday Summer & Fall June 1  through  October 31
9:00 to 3:00
Sunday Open by appointment on Sundays
Please call during normal hours


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No appointment needed for the Tanning Beds or Booths

We don't rush you!
You have plenty of time to put your lotion on.


Students tan for $4.00
Cash price please on $10.00 purchases or less

We have the very best in tanning and health.




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Specials on now

Save $2.46 and get the Single Session Tan In The Royal 8,000
36-200 watt bronzing lamps and three 500 watt facial lamps
for only  $4.54
Cash price please on $10.00 purchases or less

Royal 8,000 Watt level 3 Beds
Save another $5.40 with 10 Session for $40.00

One month Unlimited Level 4 Booth 10,000 Watt Bronzer Booth
/Royal 8,000 Watt Level 3 Bed $69.00
You Get Both so you can switch them up


Say You Saw the Internet Special and Save!
One Month unlimited Royal 8,000 bed's
Good Through January


Say You Saw the Internet Special and Save!
4 Ultra Bronze, High Pressure Beds or Booths
$69.00 per month with $1.00 co-pay unlimited Royal sessions
Limited Quantity Available


CleanComfortable Relaxing  and  Safe.

(Air Conditioning pumped into all rooms in the summer)

(Heat pumped into all the rooms in the Winter)


Plenty of Parking Close to the Door

Now Available: Red Light Collagen Therapy

Packages that can't be beat

 Click here for
Our Rooms and Our beds

Our Beds start at $4.00.

Get a points package and save, save, save.

The More you Buy the More you Save.

Single Sessions, Multiple Sessions, Unlimited Monthly Sessions,


Monthly Memberships,


Numbered Memberships,


We Have Morning Memberships Available,


Three different Samplers that can be shared
You can sample all of our different beds and booths,


Vacation Specials !!!!!!


Stop in to see our other Specials and packages.


We even have Morning Specials.


We give you the best Value for your $$$$

All our tanning beds are easy to get into and very comfortable,
They have a flat in the middle so you can spread your
 Arms and legs out to get those hard to tan areas with comfort.

If you don't want to Lay down you can always use one of our Booths.

Lamps are maintained on or before Manufacturers Schedule.
Come on over and see for yourselves.

We don't have any level 1 or Level 2 Home Beds

All our Tanning Beds and Booths are Commercial Tanning Beds and Booths
Designed for giving you the best Tanning experience and best tan for your money and time.

2-Ultra Bronzer Supernova: High-Pressure Soft Mattress Beds: With 21 1,000  Watt High Pressure lamps
21,000 Watt Bed


1-Ultra High-Pressure Bronzer Booth: With 36 1,000 Watt High Pressure Lamps
36,000 Watt Booth


1-Supernova: 15 High-Pressure Lamps on top and 20 Signature series plus on the bottom
21,000 Watt Bed 
(Its the best of both type beds)

1-Mega Bronzer Booth With 60 Full Size Body Lamps and 27 Facial Lamps
10,000 Watt Booth


1-Mega Bronzer Turbo Bed: 52-180 watt Bronzing Lamps and 500 Watt High pressure Facial Lamps
14,000 Watt Bed


4-Royal Sun Turbo 8000 Beds: 36-180 watt Bronzing Lamps /3 High pressure Facial Lamps
8,000 Watt Bed


1 -Red Light Therapy bed 36 Red Light Therapy Lamps "NO UV"

Come on in and Try It Out

TEN -15 min Red Light sessions for $40.00

Red Light Therapy benefits


We Have In Stock
 Lotions, Lotions, and more Lotions


We are told we have the best selection of Lotions

In Salon Sale on Lotions

Stop In And Save
If you have a package some place else

no problem.

Come on in and check us out
you will like our selection and prices!

Australian Gold, Designer Skin,
Swedish Beauty, G Gentlemen, JWOWW,
ED Hardy, Hempz, Hemp Nation
And Much Much More

We Have the sought after SudaTonic Infrared System

Burn up to 1400 calories per session

Reduce fat & cellulite

Detoxify skin & body

Improve skin tone

Increase metabolism & energy

Improve auto immune system

Improve circulation & cardiovascular

Reduce stress & fatigue

Reduce aches & pains

One for $35.00

Two for $65.00

Call and schedule your
SudaTonic Infrared System appointment

We accept

Thank You For Looking
and a

Home Our Rooms and Beds Red Light Therapy SudaTonic Exersise Room


New Salon of Brookfield
4030 N 128 St   Brookfield WI 53005

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